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One Reason Most Hiring Practices are Doomed from the Start

Sam Obitz / November 29th, 2018 / No Comments »

A majority of hiring processes are designed in a way that is more conducive to not failing than they are in finding the best person for the job. I decided to Google some job listings this morning and these are

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Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist?

Sam Obitz / October 25th, 2018 / No Comments »

This is actually a trick question, as few of us are completely optimistic or completely pessimistic. That said, most people do tend to lean more heavily towards one over the other. It is difficult to get good research data on

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Is Tiger Woods Back?

Sam Obitz / September 27th, 2018 / No Comments »

That’s what all the headlines on stories about his victory this past Sunday are claiming. We live in a society that overvalues the present moment and cannot wait to jump to conclusions. How quickly we forget that many of the

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Building a Solid Mental Foundation

Sam Obitz / August 30th, 2018 / No Comments »

I occasionally get asked about the importance of building a solid mental foundation. My answer is that every element of your game or work will ultimately rest on it. Thus, having a solid mental foundation is vital to you achieving

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Getting into “The Zone”

Sam Obitz / July 26th, 2018 / No Comments »

Being in “The Zone” implies increased focus and attention which allow for higher levels of performance. It often includes a feeling where you appear to be seeing things in slow motion. Others describe it as forgetting themselves and being completely

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Some Common Pre-Game Mistakes (Made by Friends, Family and even Coaches)

Sam Obitz / June 28th, 2018 / No Comments »

When I attend a sporting event, whether it’s a little league game or a professional contest (and all levels in between), I see many people undercutting their athlete’s preparation. I’m not talking about members of the opposing team, but rather

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Time to Review a Couple of Always Relevant Blog Entries

Sam Obitz / May 31st, 2018 / No Comments »

Summer’s fast approaching so I figured it would be a good time to look back and take time to review things. Here are two blogs (below) for you to read or re-read: A lot of people go into vacation mode

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Why Goodwill Is Vital to Success

Sam Obitz / April 26th, 2018 / No Comments »

When I originally got the idea for this blog entry, I was thinking in terms of success in business, as a result of three lackluster experiences I recently had with customer service at three different businesses. Then, when I sat

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Why People Invest in Peak Performance Coaches

Sam Obitz / March 29th, 2018 / No Comments »

Obviously, there are many different things that can spur someone to invest in a Peak Performance coach, but they all boil down to the same basic reason: to get better quicker. If you want to become more efficient, break through

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Being Referred to as ‘Talented’ is Demeaning (part 8)

Sam Obitz / February 22nd, 2018 / No Comments »

One of the sad hard truths of life is that people love to hire and be around people they perceive to be “naturals.” Naturals can easily be interchanged with talented or gifted. There are many problems with this and not

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