Use Your Natural Beauty to Benefit Others

I happen to live in an area that has an above-average number of people that would be considered physically attractive. The sheer number of them makes it hard for any of them to stand out in the crowd. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and races, but none of those traits are what tends to separate them from all of the others.

What separates them is how they choose to use their beauty. A large percentage of them are self-obsessed. Another large percentage of them crave attention. A certain percentage uses their beauty to manipulate other people. However, when you are part of a large percentage, you become common. Ironically, the members of the groups above are also the ones who are the most desperate to stand out!

Like most things in life, when you do what all of your peers are doing, you never stand out. As a result, you get lost in the crowd and the ones who end up standing out are the ones who are kind and have the poise that enables them to use their beauty to make other people feel good.

The individuals who are kind and have poise, see their beauty grow in other people’s eyes because, unlike self-obsessed beauties, their beauty radiates and surrounds them in a glow. It is no different than what separates the exceptional from the really good. It’s the people who do what other people are unwilling to do, that end up standing out.

I always say being pretty without being nice turns you into a statue. You may be nice to look at, but you lack any depth and fail to add much value to anyone else’s lives, thus squandering an opportunity most people wish they were blessed to have.

People don’t remember what you do, but they always remember how you made them feel. When you are blessed with physical beauty, you have unlimited opportunities to make people’s day by simply sharing your smile with them.

Although I used beauty in this blog to illustrate the common problem of people squandering opportunities to use the gifts they are blessed with, it applies to all types of gifts. Whether your gift is being born into a supportive family, growing up in an area full of opportunities, or being small enough to be a gymnast,  please don’t squander the opportunity to share your gifts with the world.

Use them to make your and others’ lives a little better. You may even find that by making other people’s day, you can’t help but make your day too.


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