Super Tao works with a wide array of highly motivated athletes, coaches, business leaders and companies who have the desire and requisite work ethic to reach their full potential. The majority of Super Tao’s individual clients are professional athletes and business executives, but we create programs for people in all walks of life who are motivated to achieve their full potential in any endeavor.

It’s not what or who you are right now that matters, but rather who you are determined to be.

We are proud to serve:
• Professional Athletes
• Sports Teams
• Coaches
• Executives
• Businesses
• Individuals

Super Tao typically works with clients who are referred through other players, their coaches, trainers, agents or companies. We also work with a select group of teen athletes who submit a written 500 word essay on why they have what it takes to benefit from our teachings. Super Tao makes a strong commitment to its clients and demands an equal commitment in return. A true commitment to mind coaching is significant in time, energy and fees.

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Who can we help?

Anyone with the desire and requisite work ethic to reach his or her full potential. Businesses and teams that want to get the most out of their people also use our services.

What types of situations do you help people with?

In a word: performance. It’s never the situation but rather the approach to it that matters. Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to what happens. What we do is teach how to deal effectively with whatever comes up in your work and life. We help people improve their performance while increasing their enjoyment of the process. Everything from basic performance problems to ending slumps to simply helping with the fine tuning of your mental outlook to achieve maximum results.