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Why “1% Better Every Day” is Not a Good Strategy

Sam Obitz / April 28th, 2024 / No Comments »

Like many things on the internet and social media, the mantra of getting 1% better every day sounds great. It is catchy, and even uses impressive math to assert the benefits you will receive. It’s an easy concept to grasp

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Decision Making and Peak Performance – Part 2

Sam Obitz / March 28th, 2024 / No Comments »

In my previous blog on this subject, I focused on how athletes benefit from automating their thinking to prevent their thinking/decision-making from inhibiting their performance. In this entry, I will focus on decisions made off of the court or field,

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Decision Making and Peak Performance – Part 1

Sam Obitz / February 27th, 2024 / No Comments »

One often overlooked aspect of peak performance is how you make decisions. Whenever you consciously make a decision that takes longer than an instant, you are NOT performing at your peak. In short, if you are thinking you are guaranteed

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The Link Between Sleep and Mental Health: How to Improve Both

Sam Obitz / January 30th, 2024 / No Comments »

Sleep and mental health are two essential components of our overall well-being that are closely linked. The quality of our sleep can have a profound impact on our mental health and vice versa. In this blog, we will explore the

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Sam Obitz / December 31st, 2023 / No Comments »

This year I am sharing the most simplified and effective way that I know, to achieve a goal or stick to a resolution. 1) Pick just ONE goal or resolution to achieve. 2) Make a step by step plan, so

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Writing Checks, You Cannot Cash

Sam Obitz / November 30th, 2023 / No Comments »

How do you feel when someone writes you a check that bounces? Does it make you trust the person who wrote the check more or less? If you are like most people, when this happens to you, it forces you

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How to Use Anger to Your Advantage

Sam Obitz / October 31st, 2023 / No Comments »

If you read my previous blog, ‘One of the Most Prevalent Misconceptions Among Athletes,’ you likely now realize that the belief that anger fuels improved performance is a misperception in your brain. The improved performance comes from the increased focus

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One of the Most Prevalent Misconceptions Among Athletes

Sam Obitz / September 29th, 2023 / No Comments »

Most people experience an uptick in their performance when they become angry. I’d be rich if I had a dollar for every athlete who has not just told me but exclaimed that they play better when angry. I will be

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The Simple Reason Why Most People Fail to Improve

Sam Obitz / August 29th, 2023 / No Comments »

It’s because they gravitate towards comfort! Most people will avoid discomfort with a passion reserved for very few other things in life. This is why you see people in your life put off changes they know they need to make

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What is More Important to You; Success or Your Ego?

Sam Obitz / July 29th, 2023 / No Comments »

Many misconceptions are floating around about both Success and Ego. The most common one is that they go together, as in you can’t have success without an ego, and you cannot have an ego if you are unsuccessful. Although we

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