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Good Parenting Begins Before Your Baby Arrives

Sam Obitz / July 28th, 2016 / No Comments »

You probably know that the health of your relationship has far reaching effects on your child’s future. You have probably heard that there is no better gift you can give to a child than a mother and father who genuinely

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Time to Review a Couple of Always Relevant Blog Entries

Sam Obitz / June 30th, 2016 / No Comments »

It’s been a while since we have done any reviews, so here are two (below) for you to read or re-read: The first one is titled: Why Wanting to Make a Lot of Money Is a Counterproductive Goal. It focuses

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The Top Three High School Boy’s Coaches of All-Time

Sam Obitz / May 26th, 2016 / No Comments »

The criteria for making this list is as follows: an impressive list of successes, no recruiting of athletes, the ability to develop an entire roster, being ahead of their time (an innovator), and helping boys grow into better men for

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Common Mistakes in The NFL Draft

Sam Obitz / April 28th, 2016 / No Comments »

The NFL’s annual draft of collegiate players begins later today. A few years from now people will look back and find that many highly drafted players were not nearly as good as they were expected to be. It’s likely that

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Being Referred to as ‘Talented’ is Demeaning (part 7) *

Sam Obitz / March 31st, 2016 / No Comments »

Throughout history we have believed that to reach the highest levels in any field, you had to start with an underlying talent, and combine it with a motivation to succeed. As a result, businesses, teams, orchestras, etc. all tried to

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Why Culture Matters

Sam Obitz / February 25th, 2016 / No Comments »

The definition of culture in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is: the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or time. Although accurate, I find this definition lacking, as it does not begin to reveal the scope of its

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Why We Believe in Superstitions

Sam Obitz / January 21st, 2016 / No Comments »

We have all had superstitions. To some, it can mean anything from wearing a lucky hat, shirt, dress, etc., to a ritual like bouncing the ball three times before each free throw in a basketball game, to the cultural ones

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Even More Advice Regarding New Year’s Resolutions

Sam Obitz / December 17th, 2015 / No Comments »

For the past five years I have written entries on why New Year’s resolutions fail and how to get better results. I highly suggest that you take a look at all of them before reading this article (or after if

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The Private School – Ivy League Myth

Sam Obitz / November 12th, 2015 / No Comments »

How many of you think that your child will have a higher chance of being someone who changes the world for the better if they attend a highly regarded private school followed by an Ivy League school? The majority of

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Social Influence Determines Most Decisions People Make

Sam Obitz / October 15th, 2015 / No Comments »

Believe it or not, social influence has more impact on your decision-making than your conscious mind does. We all like to think we are in control of all of our decisions. We have even become quite good at coming up

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