“Sam’s ability to connect situation between the business and the sports worlds is unmatched. Anyone looking to maximize their potential performance could benefit from working with him.”

- Tyler Storie - Vice President of Athletes on the USA Swimming Board of Directors

“Sam Obitz really understands and relates to athletes. His positive approach is designed to work with clients to get them to new levels. The principles in his book are custom fit to the client and his record of success in helping athletes grow on and off the field is all-star!”

- Geoff Nathanson - Sports Media Consultant

“When teenagers reach a certain age they tend to tune out their parents advice, and our son was no different. Enter Sam Obitz, who was not only able to reach Tyson in ways that we couldn’t, but also teach him the mental methods necessary to achieve his goals. As a result our son started receiving major college full-ride scholarship offers sooner than we had ever dreamed possible (during his sophomore year in high school) and the growth we have seen in him personally and athletically is remarkable.”

- Lionel Coleman - Parent of Client/Athlete

“The tools Sam gave me enabled me to be more relaxed and effective in my high stress work environment.”

- M. Al-Naquib - Institutional Market Maker/Stock Trader

“Sam Obitz is a completely original thinker. His insights are priceless.”

- Tom Rounds - CEO, Radio Express

“In the fifteen years or so that Sam and I have been sharing ideas, his insights are unique, precise and self-motivating. I value his opinion immensely.”

- J. Schoff - CPA