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Wisdom and Innovation Often Come from Unexpected Places

Sam Obitz / March 28th, 2013 / No Comments »

One of my favorite things to do is observe people at networking events and large parties. I find it fascinating that almost without exception the people at these events gravitate towards people just like them. If you are a lawyer,

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Being Referred to as ‘Talented’ is Demeaning (part 4)

Sam Obitz / March 7th, 2013 / No Comments »

The popular, but flawed assumption throughout western society that you need to have ‘talent’ to reach the pinnacle of your field is an injustice that only serves to stifle progress in all fields. As author Stephen King accurately stated “Talent

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Anger and Performance

Sam Obitz / February 21st, 2013 / No Comments »

Do you perform better or worse when you are angry? For many people, what they do for a living will color their answer to this question. Very few surgeons are likely to say that anger helps them perform their operations

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Time to Review a Couple of Pertinent Blog Entries

Sam Obitz / February 5th, 2013 / No Comments »

It’s been a while since we have done any reviews, so here are two for you to read or re-read: Among the recent headlines in the news has been the story in the current issue of Sports Illustrated on the supplement

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Good Parenting Involves Great Leadership – Part 1

Sam Obitz / January 17th, 2013 / No Comments »

Several of my clients have asked me to write a few blog entries focused on parenting. First, I do not claim to be the best parent around. I make mistakes all the time, but I am consistently trying to learn

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail and How To Get Results – Updated for 2013

Sam Obitz / December 27th, 2012 / No Comments »

I originally wrote an entry with the same title here that focused on my disdain for New Year’s resolutions and preference for New Year’s goals instead. It’s an unfortunate fact that most people who make New Year’s resolutions, are unwilling

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Be Careful Who You Get Your Advice From

Sam Obitz / December 13th, 2012 / No Comments »

How many of you would pass up the chance to get advice from your favorite sports hero or business mogul? I’m guessing not many of you would. We all think exceptional performers in any given field have some sort of

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Why Your Ego Can Keep You From Achieving Your Dreams and Reaching Your Goal

Sam Obitz / November 29th, 2012 / No Comments »

Vision is one of the most underrated traits in sports, as well as in life and business. I do not just mean your eyesight when I speak of vision (although that is hugely important as well) I mean the vision

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‘The Games You Remember Are Played in November’

Sam Obitz / November 15th, 2012 / No Comments »

I first heard this phrase used in describing college football when I was a teenager. I’m not sure who originated this saying, but I have seen this play out year after year since then. This clearly applies to the Heisman

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Who Is A Better Leader – Chip Kelly or Lane Kiffin?

Sam Obitz / November 1st, 2012 / No Comments »

Let’s start with the similarities: both coach top national football programs. Both are known for their offensive mind. Both refuse to talk about player injuries. Both work for athletic directors that did not hire them. Both have big egos. Both

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