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Time to Review a Couple of Pertinent Blog Entries

Sam Obitz / October 24th, 2011 / No Comments »

It’s been a while since we have done any reviews, so: Among the headlines in today’s sports page was the news that the Kentucky Wildcats are a heavy favorite to win the Southeastern Conference men’s basketball title. This immediately brought

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Being Referred to As ‘Talented’ Is Demeaning (Part 2)

Sam Obitz / October 10th, 2011 / No Comments »

I teach my clients to take umbrage when anyone calls them talented. It is an insult of the highest order. At best, it devalues all the hard work and effort they have put in to get where they are, and at worst, it is like calling them an underachiever/disappointment.

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Neuheisel Is Finally Learning on the Job… But Is It Too Little Too Late?

Sam Obitz / September 26th, 2011 / No Comments »

I was encouraged to read in yesterday’s newspaper that Rick Neuheisel decided to take responsibility for failing to communicate that he wanted his punter to kick the ball out of bounds, resulting in an 85-yard return for a “Momentum-swinging touchdown”

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Denard Robinson is a Transcendent College Football Player & More

Sam Obitz / September 12th, 2011 / No Comments »

Like most viewers of college football, I have always enjoyed watching exciting players like Denard Robinson play the game. Nearly every year it seems like there are a few players who are so compelling to watch, that you root for

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Cougs Could Be This Year’s Surprise Team

Sam Obitz / August 29th, 2011 / No Comments »

One team that I feel has been overlooked as a potential turnaround team in the upcoming college football season is the team that calls Pullman, Washington home: The Washington State Cougars. Paul Wulff took over a moribund program when he

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Good Things Happen When You Focus on the Process

Sam Obitz / August 15th, 2011 / No Comments »

Coaches who focus on winning and managers who focus on results are often missing the boat on what it takes to make the most out of the players/workers they have. Great coaches and managers understand that the development and growth

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Pac-10/12’s Transformation a Direct Result of Larry Scott’s Leadership

Sam Obitz / August 1st, 2011 / No Comments »

I often speak about the importance of leadership and culture in transforming organizations. There may be no better recent example of this than Larry Scott’s stewardship of the Pac-10, and its expansion into the newly formed Pacific-12 conference. In just

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Being Referred to As ‘Talented’ Is Demeaning (Part 1)

Sam Obitz / July 18th, 2011 / No Comments »

The first thing that comes to my mind when people describe someone as being talented is that they are an underachiever. When someone is achieving at a high level people talk about their productivity not their talent. If you ask

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One Trait Sets Long-Term Successful Coaches and CEOs Apart From Their Peers

Sam Obitz / July 5th, 2011 / No Comments »

It has been said multiple times, by many different people, that it takes one set of skills to rise to the top of your field, but an entirely different set of skills to stay on top. As female soccer great

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By Its Standard Definition, Luck Is a Misnomer for Andrew

Sam Obitz / June 20th, 2011 / No Comments »

Andrew Luck is, in my opinion, the best all around quarterback I have ever seen play the game of football. Yes, I said the game of football, not just college football. I realize this is a bold statement that opens

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