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When Good Ideas Go Bad

Sam Obitz / April 2nd, 2015 / No Comments »

Have you ever read or heard about a new way of doing something that appears to be a much better way of doing it? Have you ever tried to implement the new way into your life or your work and

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Being Referred to as ‘Talented’ is Demeaning (part 6)

Sam Obitz / March 5th, 2015 / No Comments »

As I have touched on from the beginning of this series, I find it offensive whenever someone refers to an individual as talented or gifted. Doing so is dismissive of all the hard work they put into developing whatever skill

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Leadership Issues

Sam Obitz / February 5th, 2015 / No Comments »

This is a topic I could probably write about every week for the rest of the year and still have plenty of material left to share. Whether it’s management in your company or a coach of your athletic team, misconceptions

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Perception Often Does Not Reflect Reality

Sam Obitz / January 15th, 2015 / No Comments »

A few days ago the University of Oregon played The Ohio State University in the championship game of the first four-team college football playoff. Had we continued to use the previous system, called the BCS, to determine the two teams

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More Advice Regarding New Year’s Resolutions

Sam Obitz / December 26th, 2014 / No Comments »

The past four years I have written entries on why New Year’s resolutions fail and how to get better results. I highly suggest that you take a look at all of them before reading this article (or after if that

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Hiring Mistakes and Their Compounding Effects on Morale

Sam Obitz / December 4th, 2014 / No Comments »

To illustrate this problem, I am going to share a story that took place in a well known large company. I have made slight changes to the names of the people involved, but everything else in this story is accurate.

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Time to Review a Couple of Always Relevant Blog Entries

Sam Obitz / November 6th, 2014 / No Comments »

It’s been a while since we have done any reviews, so here are two (below) for you to read or re-read: The first one is titled:  The Importance of Your Mindset. It focuses on the determinative nature of your Mindset

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Saying Something and Doing Something Are Not the Same Thing

Sam Obitz / October 10th, 2014 / No Comments »

How many times have there been changes in management in a company you work for? If you have been in the workforce for a few years, chances are high you have experienced at least one or two changes in management.

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The NFL League Office has a Culture Problem

Sam Obitz / September 18th, 2014 / No Comments »

Any organization that works in isolation tends to become disconnected from their customers, which in turn, leaves them out of touch with what is considered repugnant behavior. They also tend to become more concerned with being right as opposed to doing

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No Wonder Marcus Mariota Is Not Interested in Winning The Heisman Trophy

Sam Obitz / August 28th, 2014 / No Comments »

When ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit asked University of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota if he wanted to win the Heisman he said “Honestly um, and I mean this truthfully, no not really. You know, I’d much rather be named a Super Bowl

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