This year I am sharing the most simplified and effective way that I know, to achieve a goal or stick to a resolution.

1) Pick just ONE goal or resolution to achieve.

2) Make a step by step plan, so that you know what is necessary to achieve your goal. Remember dreams are goals and resolutions that lack an effective plan.

3) Tell all the people in your life about the goal/resolution you are determined to accomplish. Do this in person, e-mail, text AND post the declaration of your goal on ALL of your social media accounts.

Now some quick tips:

Pick a goal that will positively change your life for the better once achieved.

Attach the steps in your plan to things that you regularly do. An example would be I will do X before I eat lunch or as soon as I get out of bed in the morning etc.

Finally, post weekly (or even daily if so inclined) updates on your progress to your social media accounts. If you do not have social media accounts, create an e-mail list and send your updates out to those closest to you. This will go a long way in helping you in keeping yourself accountable.

Make it a Happy New Year in 2024!


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