How to Use Anger to Your Advantage

If you read my previous blog, ‘One of the Most Prevalent Misconceptions Among Athletes,’ you likely now realize that the belief that anger fuels improved performance is a misperception in your brain.

The improved performance comes from the increased focus the anger creates in you, but the anger actually drains your energy if you try to use it as fuel for your performance.

Once you realize this, you can begin to take steps that will enable you to maintain the focus that IS improving your performance and let go of the anger that will drain your energy. The process I use with my clients to do this is quite simple.

Usually, anger comes from the feeling that you are being disrespected. The cause can be physical, as in the case of a push or shove, or mental, in the case of choice verbiage, or both when someone stands over you and taunts you after a good play on their part.

Once the offending incident happens, and you feel the anger rise up inside of you, you can take in that feeling for a very short moment. Do not try to suppress the anger, or it will likely increase. Do pause and take a deep breath to interrupt your anger.

This will help you resist the natural urge to turn your attention toward revenge or retribution.

Then it is up to you to direct your energy toward your determination to perform at your peak for the remainder of the game, match, race, etc. This keeps the anger from consuming you and allows the anger to subside, which frees you to use it as a source of energy and motivation.

By channeling those intense feelings into your determination, it keeps you focused, which enables you to be more constructively directed to what matters… Your sustained peak performance which will ultimately allow you to avenge your perceived slight.

Anger may win some battles but determination is what wins wars. It may feel good to let your anger rise and get in the offending player’s face, but that feeling is short-lived. Dominating your competitor for the remainder of the competition is a feeling that lasts (in both of you) forever.


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