Why People Invest in Peak Performance Coaches

Obviously, there are many different things that can spur someone to invest in a Peak Performance coach, but they all boil down to the same basic reason: to get better quicker. If you want to become more efficient, break through a seen or unseen barrier, learn how to communicate more effectively or learn new innovative strategies, they all involve doing what you do better.

There is a common misconception that the more we do something the better we will get at doing that activity or vocation, however, the law of diminishing returns enters the picture rather quickly. Although you may improve initially, the value we get from something starts to decrease after a certain point. Unfortunately, once most people reach the level of competence in whatever field or activity they are pursuing, they become more interested in maintaining what they have instead of reaching for more.

For example, say you are a motivated single mother or father and you need a job to support your child or children. Now imagine the only jobs available where you live require you to be able to type 60-words a minute. Most people who fit the above description will do whatever it takes for them to get their typing speed up to 60-words a minute. Once they get to that level and secure a job and work in that job for 20-years, how many words do you think they type a minute after those 20-years? If you guessed about 60-words per minute you would likely be correct.

Now let’s look at doctors. Many average doctors make as much or more money than a lot of our best doctors. Unlike pro golfers who are measured against each other on a weekly basis, doctor’s earnings have little to do with how they perform vs. other doctors. They tend to rely more on their reputation, which is often a function of where they work (prestige) or who they have worked on and it is quite often subjective or a direct result of self-promotion.

Despite what many people believe, Dr. Oz is not the best doctor in America, but he seems to have one of the best publicists working on his behalf. Remember reputation is what others think you are, not who you really are. The best doctors are usually the ones who love what they do and are trying to get better every day. Most of them have people coaching them and you’ll likely never see them on television or even know their name.

Many people who find early success stop their search and begin to coast, never looking for better alternative routes. One of my favorite things is working with someone who is already achieving at a high level, but who is ignorant to all the habits they have that are keeping them from achieving more. You see, once someone achieves success, they often assume the best recipe for success is the one they are already using, and this is rarely the case in my experience.

People frequently come to me for something specific, and more often than not, we discover things that are much more important for them to work on, unlocking a world of new opportunities to them. Some of my most successful business clients have spent years under-achieving, without realizing it, until they came to me for help. As soon as I learned how they approached their business, it became obvious that the way they were doing business was great for when they started out, but wrong for where they and their business(es) are now.

Seeking out client-centered help is the quickest way to speed your development in any pursuit. Proper feedback can also keep you from developing bad habits, as bad habits are acquired just as easily as good ones. It is not uncommon to be held back more by the bad habits you have, than good ones you have not yet developed.


No one achieves greatness alone. I think most people would be surprised if they knew how much unseen help the highest achievers among us have. The most common refrain I hear from my clients is, I wish I found you ten years ago. Like most things in life you don’t know what you have been missing until you experience it for yourself.

Regardless of where you are right now, you can achieve the peace of mind that comes from exercising your right to invest in a peak performance coach to become better.

“An investment in self-development pays the highest dividends.”― Debasish Mridha


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