Tiger Woods will be back and all will be forgiven

As of today the number of alleged mistresses is at nine and that number will probably grow larger. I’m not condoning Tiger’s actions, but I find it hard to believe the level of condemnation he is receiving in the media. I also find it laughable that so many are predicting that his career is now over. Today our media only operates in two modes: React and overreact! This is a case of the latter in my humble opinion.

He may be bright, attractive and an outstanding golfer, but Tiger is still a human being and human beings make mistakes. The level of outrage and venom directed at him is more appropriate for a mass murderer of children. Tiger messed up, but nobody died and I presume he will learn a hard lesson and pay a high price for his “transgressions”. But to suggest that his career is over is laughable.

The true test will be how he moves forward from all of this. One component that many have forgotten to factor in is the mental side of Tiger. I believe it’s the way he uses his mind that sets him apart from other athletes. We have already seen that when he puts his mind to something he has had great success, be it in golf, academics or his charitable foundation. I would personally bet heavily on his re-emergence and probably a lot sooner than people currently think.

If you understand that perfection does not exist in reality, then you won’t expect perfection. Tiger Woods is not perfect and never was, regardless of how badly so many of us wanted to think that he was. But rather than condemn him for not being something we wanted him to be, wouldn’t we all be better off accepting his imperfections and hopefully learn to be as accepting of our own imperfections?

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