Belichick’s 4th down call the right one on so many levels

Bill Belicheck is taking a lot of heat today over his decision to go for it on fourth down and 2-yards to go from his own 28-yard line with a six point lead against the Colts and just over two minutes left to play in the game. Many of the criticisms are along the lines of “you just don’t do that in that situation.” Well someone please tell me when anything transformative came from someone doing something the way it has always been done? How about giving him credit for playing to win; rather than playing not too lose, like most coaches would have done.

Just because it didn’t workout, does not in itself make it a bad decision. The best way to get more out of your employee’s is too believe in them and give them chances to succeed. Will they always succeed when you do this? No. But that does not matter, what matters is that you had the belief and trust in them and that will pay dividends down the road. Great job coach Belichick and keep believing in your players and giving them opportunities to make plays. If you are not willing to risk failure, you will never succeed.

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