“Preparation isn’t everything; it’s the only thing”- Sam Obitz

All great successes start with preparation. As the great coach John Wooden always said to his players, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.”

At Super Tao we believe the one thing an individual can control is the type and amount of preparation they do both physically and mentally to reach their goals and achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • We do not believe in luck. What people often perceive as luck is the process of being prepared when opportunities present themselves.
  • Some say practice makes perfect. Perfection does not exist in reality and trying to be perfect makes an individual “tight” and causes them to under-perform. We believe bringing the proper attitude to your practices enables the individual to get the most out of each practice. Our belief is that the pursuit of something that in reality does not exist (perfection) is harmful and keeps individuals from reaching their goals.
  • We also believe that limiting or ignoring mental preparation limits the effectiveness of the physical or strategic practice that individuals are putting in. The quality of the practice matters more than the amount of hours devoted to practicing.
  • Many discount the power of mental preparation to their own detriment. Not only does mental preparation help get more out of physical preparation, but it can also help reduce the wear and tear on a person’s body by accentuating and replacing some of the physical preparation. This often has the net effect of lengthening the number of years an individual can perform at peak levels and extends both career and earning potential.