Whether it is high level athletic performance, creating the best environment for business success or simply personal satisfaction and well being, Super Tao is about helping people use their minds in complementary ways instead of allowing their minds to use them.

Super Tao Inc was created by Sam Obitz with one goal in mind: To free people from the inhibitions in their minds and allow them to channel all of that wasted energy into what they are trying to achieve.

Sam, through his personal battle with anxiety, determined that it is the inaccurate way people look at or approach situations that causes problems. Most people create their own problems yet there are simple ways to eliminate these problems and increase performance and enjoyment. Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it. Unfortunately most people spend 99% of their energy on the 10% that is beyond their control. This is a total a waste of time and energy.

Using proven techniques – like his TEA form exercise – Sam helps clients transform their mental approach, making it more complimentary and less adversarial, thus enabling them to attain peak performance.

Sam believes that the only disability in life is a bad attitude. Since attitude determines altitude, it’s vital to have the correct tools and be properly focused. Anyone who dedicates themselves to Sam’s teachings will find it difficult to have a bad attitude.

Super Tao is a company dedicated to helping athletes, executives, teams, corporations and individuals perform at their peak on a consistent basis. Performing at a high level on a consistent basis is accomplished by learning the secrets of being in the moment at all times and eliminating distractions through proper mind coaching.

We believe that people’s performance problems do not come from problems or the stressors they face. The sooner the individual realizes this, the sooner they are able to achieve the results they are striving for. We teach people how to eliminate the static and other noise in their own heads that inhibits them and gets in the way of their success. After this process is completed, the individual is free to control the things they can control, such as their performance, and let go of everything else.

The consistent use of the methods we teach our clients will help develop new pathways in their brains that will become their new default way of thinking, and serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Super Tao is completely process oriented. We believe that focusing on results is a pitfall that befalls most individuals and companies. We teach our clients how to eliminate all the uncontrollable factors individuals chronically waste their time on and teach them how to focus on ways of thinking and approaching things that will serve them in all areas of their life.